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RED    DOT    Award    2015    for SANT!   The   SANT   was   already awarded     a     2015          “Special Mention”   distinction   for   special design   quality   by   the   German Design      Council,      and      was placed   on   the   shortlist   of   the 2015 Lighting Design Awards!
Light   is   indispensable   for   all   forms   of   life,   without   light   no   life.   Light influences    our    mood    and    alertness    together    with    our    feeling    of wellbeing.   The   sun   gives   us   perfect   natural   light,   but   only   during   a   part of   the   day.   Mankind   has   always   been   looking   for   ways   to   create   their own   light   to   fill   in   the   dark   hours   of   the   day.   This   site   is   about   light,   the history of artificial light, about luminaire design ................ and more.